My week and Menu Planning – 11-15-15

Last week I was able to co-host the Fresh Fix, a 5 day clean eating program, with a few other awesome health coaches. I love being able to help others feel their best! It’s always fun to see other’s recipe creations too! The next Fresh Fix starts on December 14. I would love for you to join us! 

On Saturday, my youngest used a gift certificate to a local horse riding stable. She loves horses and is hoping to take riding lessons in the Spring/Summer.

My husband finished a trail race series over the weekend as well. This last 15K was the hardest one yet. It was a double lap where the end (twice because of the double lap) was 145 stairs. Yowza.

On the menu for this week:

Sunday – Veggie omelets and fruit

Monday – Roasted Red pepper soup

Tuesday – Sweet and spicy double squash salad (new!) and bean burgers (on Lettuce leaves or whole grain buns for the kids)

Wednesday – Baked stuffed pumpkins (modified to be GF and dairy free)

Thursday – Out!

Friday – Black bean tacos

Saturday – Leftovers


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