Meal Plan Monday

I spent the last couple of days in Orlando at a natural nutrition conference. I thought it would be fun to share how I make healthy choices (and some indulgences, of course!) while traveling.  I did have an advantage my staying with my sister. I didn’t take pictures. I have to remember to do that!


  • Simple! I took my pure protein and simply mixed it with some non-dairy milk.


  • Ahhh airport food. I was able to find a hummus/veggie wrap.
  • I had the pleasure of having lunch with some awesome teammates on Thursday at the convention. I had a yummy quinoa/veggie wrap and a teeny tiny side salad (dry because of dairy in dressings)
  • shakleeconvention
  • My sister picked me up on Friday and we went to Whole Foods for lunch. I had greens topped with all sorts of different veggies and stuff from their fresh foods bar including a tahini dressing. I must find recipe for that!


  • My sister made this delicious roasted sweet potato, chickpea, broccoli salad. She also bought some SoDelicious coconut milk “ice cream” for us to enjoy. Yum.
  • Leftover roasted sweet potato, chickpea broccoli salad and an apple with nut butter
  • Ahhh airport food again. Again I found another vegetable wrap, grapes, and some BBQ chips. I had some dark chocolate on my 2 hour drive home… you know, to keep myself awake. 😉

So, what’s for supper this week?

Sunday – Refried bean tacos

Monday – Veggie chili over nachos

Tuesday – Carmelized onion spaghetti squash casserole, veggies and hummus

Wednesday – Stuffed peppers

Thursday – Jumbo chickpea pancake topped with guac and served with veggies

Friday – leftovers

Saturday – Homemade pizzas

I’m linking up with Laura at for Menu Planning Monday! Hop on over there if you need some more inspiration!


What’s on your meal plan this week? Do you find it difficult to stick to healthy choices when traveling?


Choosing Faith

I just returned from an awesome natural nutrition convention in Orlando. I will share some of the exciting things I learned in another post, but I think one of the most wonderful things I gained from it was confidence. I am always doubting myself… fearing what others think of me… fearing what will happen next… fearing someone won’t like what I have to say… fearing that I don’t know enough…  fear, fear, fear.

  1. I know the Bible says that perfect love casts out fear. I need to practice this on a daily basis.
  2. One of the speakers, Brooke Thomas, shared something that really resonated with me. I know I won’t do her justice by quoting it exactly right, but I will try. She said that Fear and Faith have 1 thing in common. They both involve believing in something that hasn’t happened yet. So, when you have a choice… choose faith.


So, when I say that I gained confidence, I don’t mean that I gained confidence in myself and what I can do. I gained confidence in the way that God made me. God did not create me to live a life of fear. I just have to follow Him and do the very best I can at helping others whether that be spiritually, in health & wellness, or being a friend and listener. Does this mean I will have to do things that make me uncomfortable sometimes? Yes! It’s how we grow & learn.

The other big reason I want feel convicted to Choose Faith is because I want my daughters to do the same. One of my daughters is very much like me. She worries often and has an anxious spirit. I REALLY want to teach her to live a life where she can choose Faith instead of fear. So, I am committing to praying about my fears… giving those over to God and Choosing Faith.

What about you? Are you with me?