2017 Goals – Part 1

Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating with your families! We still have one more celebration on Saturday!



As we head into the last week of 2016, many people will be reflecting on the past year and making goals for the year ahead, myself included. I think we all know that most people don’t keep “New Years Resolutions.” I prefer goals. Resolutions… it seems like if you break it’s over. For example, maybe your resolution is to stop drinking pop, but on January 5, you have a pop, so you say… “Well, I broke my resolution, so I will just go back to drinking pop every day.”

Ss I make my goals for 2017, I am going to keep a few things in mind…

  • Are they S.M.A.R.T goals? (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely)
  • How am I going to make it happen? Last year one of my goals was to not always be worried about what other people were thinking of me. However, I had no plan for exactly how I was going to tackle that. It is still a struggle for me, but it is one of my goals for 2017… more on that later.
  • Why does this matter to me? What is my motivation? Back to my example of worrying… I know I must please God rather than men. Worrying about what others think of me steals my JOY. I cannot control what other people think, say, or how they act. I can control how I treat others, so if I focus on treating others in a way that pleases God, then I know I am pleasing to my loving Savior!
  • Break your goals up into smaller chunks. (Ex. If you want to lose 100 pounds, make it your goal to lose 8-10 pounds in January).
  • Accountability! Tell at least one person about your goals and ask them to check in with you! Join a healthy challenge group! Choose a group that is in it for the long haul – lifestyle change over crazy diets.
  • A partner! Maybe there is someone who has one of the same goals that you do. Maybe you have Bible study goals like me. Perhaps, you and I could both study __________ and check in with each other once a week regarding what we learned.  It doesn’t have to be a face to face meeting… it could be via phone or even e-mail. Personally, I do much better when I have time to compose my thoughts in writing.
  • A, B, and C goals – When I set a goal for a race, I make 3 goals.
    • A goal – Really hard to attain, but given the perfect circumstances, I could hit it. This goals is usually quite a bit out of my comfort zone.
    • B goal – This is a goal that would still be quite an accomplishment, but I am pretty certain I can hit it.
    • C goal – I completed the race in a decent time. Nothing to write home about, but it’s done.

How was your Christmas? Are you starting to think about 2017 goals?


Merry Christmas!

We have been enjoying a wonderful few weeks even though the weather prevented us from going a few places.

One of the things that we have tried to be intentional about his year is saying no to certain activities/events/etc… which allows for more time for heart to heart talks and just a more peaceful Mama and home environment. Saying no so we can say YES to the bigger things. What about you?

Our winter scene paintings. Who knew Hunky Husband was so artistic? His is on top. 
The homeschool clan from our congregation… with the exception of one. We had a little Christmas party for them. I am  so thankful for these kids. 
Candy cane experimenting

I know several families who have experienced loss this holiday season. Please keep those people in your prayers. It can be a hard  time for many families.

I hope you and your family have a joyous, blessed, and peaceful Christmas.


A Healthy Start

Do you have health goals for the New Year? Resolutions around health & wellness are very popular! How many times have you made those resolutions? How long do they typically last? Are you ready to make it happen LONG-TERM this year?


I’m super excited to collaborate with several other health & wellness professionals to help you establish healthy habits in the New Year. You know I hate diets and am all about making LIFESTYLE changes. That is why this group is also going to have weekly education including:

*Weekly Meal Planning
*Couch to 5K
*Carb Cycling
*Glowing Skin
*Pre-natal & Post-natal nutrition + Kids nutrition
*How to incorporate more plants in your diet
*Exercise for those suffering from the symptoms of fibromyalgia, Lupus, and MS
*And more!!

There is a special discount if you join before December 15. If you are someone you love could benefit, let chat!

What are your goals for the New Year?

Science and Math

Yes, I post mainly about nutrition, fitness, and overall health here, but most of my days are actually filled teaching my 2 girlies. I won’t lie… homeschooling is wonderful, but there are days when… ‘ahem’… it is not as wonderful. Just keepin’ it real because I think that is very important in our digital world. 🙂 I’m thankful for lots of prayer, an awesome husband, and some really great homeschooling Mama friends.

Science and math happen to be my 2 of my favorite subjects. We recently switched to Singapore for Math, and it was going really well… until we got to some of the harder fraction concepts. It just wasn’t clicking for Little Lady. I heard about Right Start Mathematics from a friend who uses it for her 5 year old. It is very hands on and includes math card games for us to play EVERY DAY. We got the fraction pack and it has been wonderful. I decided to just go ahead and teach Miss Spunky about fractions since we were going back to the basics of fractions. The best part is that Little Lady is now getting it AND is wanting to help her sister understand. In my opinion, teaching is the best way to solidify concepts in your brain, so I happily let her help out.



I was looking for a hands on science curriculum as well. I decided on Pandia Press Chemistry. It has plenty of experiments using easy to obtain supplies. They are loving it and learning. What more can you ask for?

This experiment used vinegar. 

I need to do more Art projects because that is one of my daughter’s favorite subjects, but not something I have a talent for. Any suggestions?