My week and Menu Planning – 11-8-15

Last week was a whirlwind… a blessed whirlwind.  We got celebrate Miss Spunky’s birthday and enjoyed a special week of Bible lessons every night from a visiting preacher.


I tried a new breakfast recipe this week. The girls kind of wrinkled their nose until they tasted it. “Mom, this is good!

Pumpkin breakfast quinoa

This week, I’m co-hosting The Fresh Fix with a group of awesome Health Coaches.  We’re focusing on clean eating with the addition of the Vitalizer and protein packed smoothies.

Sunday – Stuffed peppers (in the crock-pot)

Monday – Leftover butternut squash soup (from Saturday) and salads

Tuesday – Spaghetti squash and Italian bean balls and salads

Wednesday – Bean burgers on lettuce leaves (or whole grain buns for the kids), green beans, and roasted potatoes

Thursday – “Refried” bean tacos – I’m pretty sure we eat these every week. They are so easy on a busy night!

Friday – Carmelized Onion Spaghetti Squash Casserole (new!) and sides (?)

Saturday – Leftovers

Do you have things that you eat every week?


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