Encouraging fitness in our kiddos

I had the blessing of being able to run a 10K with my 9-year old daughter on Saturday. It was so fun! She has ran at least ten 5Ks in the past few years and wanted to do a 10K. It was so fun! When I asked her how she felt about it afterwards, she said,

“It was hard, but it was awesome!”


SO MANY life lessons in running. That is one of the reasons we have encouraged running in our kids. I mean, sure, my husband and I are both runners, so it is only natural that our kids would have a desire to do the same. However, now when we are tackling a tough subject in school… I can remind her of how awesome it felt to accomplish something that was difficult. And it’s not that you have to come in first or get the best grade in the class (Yes, we homeschool, but you get the idea)… it’s that you try your hardest and KNOW that you gave it your all. My hope is that she will remember all of this when she encounters a rough patch in a relationship, job, parenting, etc..

So, how can you encourage fitness in your kiddos?

  1. Lead by example. If you never go for a walk.. neither will they. If you talk about exercise like it’s drudgery or something you only do for weight loss, then that’s how they will think of it.
  2. Make it fun. On our runs, we talk about whatever she wants. This leads to some really awesome conversations. And some really silly ones! We live in the country and she likes to “high five” the tall grass on the side of the road. Sometimes we race the last little bit to our house. You get the idea.
  3. Don’t push too hard. It’s not fun and you don’t want them to think of physical fitness as a chore. If she wants/needs to walk, then we walk.
  4. Find something they enjoy. Everyone is not a runner and that’s OK. Maybe they would enjoy basketball or soccer or just going for a bike ride! Go shoot hoops with them. I am not good at basketball, but I can still try and shoot baskets with my girls.

Meal Planning 6-26-16

Or a form of meal planning…

I love summer! My sister is visiting, it’s WARM, break from school…

Cousins playing mini-golf!

Summer is very busy – in a good way, which means planning is even more important, but we don’t always have X on a certain night. As a general rule, I do not spend as much time in the kitchen during the summer, so meals need to be even more simple.  Also, some days are very hot, so we eat what sounds good instead of what’s on the plan. So, how do I plan for that?

I just keep a bunch of staples on hand so I can throw quick meals together. I So, this week – I have (or will make)…

Cut up a bunch of veggies, washed fruit for easy access, put nuts into single serving bags, made protein bites, bread, cashew sauce, homemade honey mustard, and muffins

Veggie chili for nachos

Bean burgers for sandwiches or to serve on top of greens


Crock pot refried beans for tacos or taco salads

Roast potatoes

Zucchini noodles with avocado sauce

Egg salad for sandwiches or to serve on top of greens

Need some menu-inspiration or a kick-start? I’m excited to be working with a few other health coaches for a 21-day challenge to clean up our diets! It will feature simple meals for the whole family. It starts on July 5, just after your holiday celebrations! Comment or find me on Facebook so we can set up a time to chat!


Do you stick to a firm meal plan in the summer or just stick to a few staples?


Heat & Meal Plan – 6-12-16

The summer heat is here! It has been in the 90’s here for the past few days. I love the summer heat. And my kids are loving the pool, of course!

Drying off after an afternoon in the pool

I’m really craving cool, refreshing meals. However, I do love soup. I have never tried gazpacho before, but I think I’m going to give it a whirl this week!

On the meal plan this week –

Sunday – Egg & veggie wraps

Monday – Gazpacho  (add beans?) veggies, hummus

Tuesday – Baked potato bar with Southern Skillet Black eyed peas, salad

Wednesday – Thai Peanut Chickpea salad tacos

Thursday – Bean burgers, grilled potatoes, coleslaw

Friday – Out for event

Saturday – Wing it – I’m feeling rather uninspired in the kitchen – maybe because I would rather be outside! 🙂


Getting Lost & Meal Planning – 6-5-16

Hello! Last week was filled with beginning of summer fun!

I had just listened to a Focus on the Family podcast about finding adventure in motherhood. Boy did we find some adventure! We met some friends who live in the neighboring state, half-way to do some hiking on Friday.

We got lost on the way there because of road closures due to construction. GPS was not helping because it kept telling me to go on the road that was closed! I tried to go around, but that did NOT work. So, I stopped in a teeny, tiny town and asked this sweet elderly couple that was outside how to get to the state park. He gave me directions using terms like North & South. Unfortunately, I’m a girl who needs – turn left, not north or south, but that’s OK! At least we were on the right track. Next my GPS told me to turn down this other road… I’m getting close! Oh wait… this road says it’s closed too. You have GOT to be kidding me. But, nevertheless, we found our way and arrived about 30 minutes late.

Identifying flowers

During our hike, the trail split – one way said rugged, and the other easy. One of my friends had her jogging stroller with her, so my girls and I went with her. The boys and the other Mama went on the rugged path. Well, it turns out the easy path wasn’t so easy and we had to carry the stroller through parts, up and down hills and over tree roots. The Mama on the rugged path was also the one with a good sense of direction, and she took the map. So, the “easy” path split into 3 different trails… no sign as to which way to go. I knew the other Mama was probably already done and waiting for us. We ended up calling her (thankfully we got reception) and she came to our rescue! So funny. What an adventure!

We ended up spending the rest of the time at the playground while the kids played, and we got to sit and chat. It was such a blessed, fun day. I have often thought that I wish all of my far-away friends could live near me so I could be with them often. Then, I realized… that is what heaven will be like!

If you read this far, you are a trooper. 🙂 On to the meal plan!

Sunday – Bean tacos

Monday – Nachos with veggie chili

Tuesday – Picnic dinner with the hubs – Bean burgers, veggies, hummus, fruit

Wednesday – Zucchini noodles, avocado cream sauce, Italian bean balls

Thursday – Cauliflower “egg” salad, veggies, hummus, roasted sweet potatoes

Friday – Leftovers

Saturday – Homemade, individual pizzas

Have you had any “adventures” lately?

Global Running Day

Apparently it’s Global Running Day! So, I thought it would be fun to participate in a running survey.


Why do you run? 

At first I started running to spend time with my husband (boyfriend at the time). I couldn’t even run a mile at the time. Now, I run because I love it. I use the time to pray and think. I feel recharged and energized after a run. I also love racing to beat myself and MAYBE place in my age group on occasion. I’ve never been a competitive person, but I’m starting to lean a little bit that way!

I also love doing running events as a family.


How do you plan to celebrate Global Running Day? 

Well, I ran 3.5 miles this morning as an easy day for my half-marathon training. Does that count?

How many miles have you run so far this year? Do you have a mileage goal for the year? 

So far, I have run 516 miles this year. I don’t have a mileage goal.

What big events do you have on the race calendar this year? 

I am doing a 10K with my daughter at the end of June and my husband and I are doing a half-marathon in August. No, I’m not crazy! I love running in the heat. All of my PRs have been set in hot weather.

Before I leave for a run, I must have…

Water and shoes!

Do you track your runs? If so, what do you use? 

I have a Garmin that my husband and I share. We rarely run at the same time unless the kids are at Grandma and Grandpa’s! I use running-log.com to keep track of my miles mainly so I can keep track of how many miles are on my shoes. I try to replace them every 500 miles or when my knees tell me that I need to!

Who is your favorite running partner? 

I actually prefer running on my own. However, now that my daughter is training for a 10K, I do enjoy doing relaxed runs with her! We have some of our best conversations then! When I race, I prefer to be on my own. When my husband and I do the half in August, we won’t actually run together.

What races have you run so far this year? 

We did a local 5K as a family, but that’s it so far! I ran with my 7 year old and my husband ran with our 9 year old. We’re hoping for another family race on the 4th of July!

20160312_094043-1 (1).jpg

If you had to give someone one piece of advice about running, what would it be? 

I will go with advice for running with kids. With my daughter, we take it at her pace. Don’t push it too hard. It’s supposed to be enjoyable. If you look at it that way, it can hopefully be a lifelong activity. If they think of it as a chore, they won’t enjoy it anymore!

Describe your relationship with running in one word: 


Do you enjoy running?