Summer Treats!

I know it’s not TECHNICALLY summer, but most people think of Memorial Day weekend as the start of summer, right? When I think of summer, I think ICE CREAM and frozen desserts. So, here are some healthier versions of those cool treats!

It’s the perfect time to try Chia seed pudding.

Then of course, there’s banana “ice cream.” Have you tried this? If you haven’t, seriously, it’s SOOO good!

1 frozen ripe banana

1 scoop of your favorite nut butter

A few drops of pure vanilla extract

A little bit of your choice of milk to thin to your liking


What about just plain ol’ popsicles? Without dyes?


I’m running a Memorial Day special until May 31 if you would like to try a yummy Gatorade alternative!

We also love avocado popsicles. I make a version of these  We usually add some almond extract just because it’s extra yummy. No popsicle molds? Sometimes, I just use Dixie cups with a plastic spoon inserted in the middle. Then you just tear the Dixie cup off and eat. Perfect for when your kids have friends over!

What’s your favorite summer treat?



High Five Friday

So many things to High Five this week as I link up with Happy Fit Mama today!

  1. School’s out for summer! You’re singing the song now, aren’t you? I love homeschooling, but summer means Mama gets a break too. We had a fun last day!        blogpic29.jpg
  2. It’s warm outside! The flowers are blooming and I happen to run best in the heat. My husband and 9-year old do not run best in the heat, so they aren’t liking it as well, but I LOVE it. I could totally live in a warm climate.                                                                     20160523_125704.jpg
  3. We picked and enjoyed our first strawberries this week. One of the best parts about summer is going out in the morning to pull weeds and munching on nature’s candy straight from the garden!                                                                                                                      blogpic28
  4. Health coaching is very rewarding! I just had one client last night text me after her trip to the grocery store and fixing her meal, ” It’s really good too, and wasn’t hard!” Yay for successes!
  5. I am very thanful for the natural nutrition company that I work with. My team is so supportive! If you know me AT ALL, you know that I am NOT a salesperson, but if I think something can truly help you, I will definitely let you know. AND I will not recommend something without looking into it first. Anyways, one of my team members sent me this to share with others. I love that we can support each other in that way!


Are your kids done with school? What would you like to High Five this week?

Meal Plan 5-22-16

We had a jam-packed weekend… but a fun one! One thing was that I taught the Asian/Indian cooking class I have been experimenting for. I ended up making GF naan, egg roll in a bowl, and a Spring vegetable green curry recipe. I think the curry and naan were the favorites! I love experimenting with new recipes, and I think my family is actually willing to try more of this cuisine. Yay for new recipes! I have the best taste testers.


I taught a gluten and dairy free cooking class for a group of moms on Monday as well. I really enjoy teaching. I made a version of my cashew dip that was a big hit!

Sunday – Wedding shower

Monday – Baked falafel, salads

Tuesday – “Refried” Bean tacos

Wednesday – Big salads (garden greens!) with Tex Mex roasted veggies & nuts, baked sweet potato

Thursday – Sweet and Sour Chickpeas and Broccoli

Friday – Start experimenting with gluten & dairy free party appetizers for next class, serve with veggies/hummus

Saturday – Homemade individual pizzas

Do you like experimenting with new recipes?

End of school year ideas & Meal Plan

Our last day of homeschooling for the year will be Tuesday, May 24. I always try to come up with special activities for the last couple of days. I’m really hoping for some warm weather so I can surprise them with a sponge “fight.” (Think water balloon fight – only you can keep dunking the sponges in water. It lasts longer!) I also saw a fun idea for an end of school year finish line. We usually do last day pictures and I make certificates for them. I also do a scavenger hunt with a coupon book at the end. The coupons are for: Stay up 1/2 hour later, Family game of tag, Go out for lunch, Camp out in the backyard with Dad, and Let’s go to the store and pick out treats!

Better late than never on posting my meal plan for the week!

Sunday – Veggie chili (still chilly here!)

Monday – Homemade individual pizzas

Tuesday – Black bean tacos

Wednesday – Thai quinoa casserole

Thursday – Baked potato bar & salads

Friday – Bean burgers, coleslaw, tortilla chips (picnic style)

Saturday – Stuffed mushrooms, roasted sweet potatoes, veggies

Do you have any ideas to share for the last couple days of school?

Friday Favorites

Hello! It’s definitely Spring around here. We have had several rainy days, a couple of warmer days, and the wind chill in the morning is supposed to be 1 degree above freezing. Yep, it’s Spring in the Midwest!

But let’s talk about positive things! I’m linking up with Happy Fit Mama for High Five Friday.

  1. My oldest asked if we could run a 10K together this summer. So, we have started running together. We’re just running 3 times a week and taking it as easy as she wants to. I want running to be something she enjoys for a long time, so we don’t make it competitive. It’s just a time for us to be outside together and talk. It’s honestly one of my favorite parts of the day.
  2. The asparagus in my garden is especially yummy in this Thai green curry with spring vegetables . I’m so glad that my family is enjoying my experimenting with a cuisine that isn’t their favorite.
  3. I’m lovin’ my green cleaning products. Seriously. They are saving me money. They work and they are safe enough that even my kiddos can help.

  4. I have been appreciating the community of homeschool moms I’m connected with more and more every day. It’s amazing how God seems to know just what you need.
  5. Frozen sliced bananas and nut butter. It is my favorite snack and I eat it almost daily. Yummmm.

Do you have anything to High Five this week? Have you been enjoying any Spring vegetables?



Oh my head…

Someone close to me suffers from chronic migraines. If you suffer from them as well, you know how debilitating they can be. They can cause you to miss work, family functions, and make it difficult to care for children.

If you have seen your practitioner and have ruled out serious causes of your headaches, such as tumors, then I would have the following conversation with you:

How are you treating your headaches? What many patients don’t realize is that overuse of NSAIDS (such as ibuprofen) can actually cause rebound headaches.  Overuse is defined as using OTC agents to treat headaches more than 15 days per month over a 3 month period.  This can happen even though you are taking the recommended dose.

Are you willing to keep a food/beverage/headache/stress diary? Because there are many reasons for migraines. Just to name a few:



Caffeine – This is a double edged sword. Caffeine is an ingredient in many migraine medications, but too much caffeine can actually cause migraines.  The recommendation is no more than 2 cups daily, but, as with most other things in healthcare, it is very individualized. Your best friend may be able to tolerate 2 cups per day, and you may not be able to tolerate it at all. Listen to YOUR body!

Improper amount of sleep – both too much and too little!

Food additives such as artificial sweeteners, MSG, and nitrates

Peanut butter


Aged cheeses

Certain fruits

If you suffer from chronic migraines, it doesn’t mean you should avoid all of these foods. It simply means that you may benefit from completing a month-long headache diary to identify YOUR triggers. Go here to have a headache diary sent straight to you inbox.

Do you know anyone who suffers from chronic headaches? Have you discovered any triggers not listed here?

Happy Mother’s Day – Meal Plan 5/8/16

Happy Mother’s Day! We have spent the weekend planting vegetables, celebrating with a Mama-to-be, and just enjoying each other! In all of your Mother’s Day celebrations, please take a moment to be considerate and prayerful of those dealing with infertility. I have several friends who have dealt with this, and Mother’s Day can be a rough day for them.

I am thankful that I get to be their Mama!


The Asian/Indian dishes we tried last week were good!  My family said they wouldn’t want to have it all the time, but I think I found some possibilities for my class! I’m going to try a few more this week.

On to the meal plan:

Sunday – Out

Monday – Minestrone – (I know it’s Spring, but it’s supposed to be rainy)

Tuesday – Bean burgers, veggies, etc… – Picnic style for soccer game

Wednesday – Chickpea and vegetable curry 

Thursday –Black bean tacos 

Friday – A gluten-free version of this Speedy Veggie Noodle Bowl – Add in some scrambled eggs kind of like a fried rice

Saturday – Individual homemade pizzas

What’s on your meal plan for the week?  How was your Mother’s Day?

To warm your heart

And maybe make you chuckle…

My sweet 7 year old wrote this in her school journal today. These are the things I want to remember forever.

Describe someone who is a hero to you and why.

“My family. G (her sister) has a super hero trick. Her trick is to help people.  She helps me clean and even helps the bad guys to be good guys. Next, we have her outfit. My family’s outfit is their strong suit. So, of course, her outfit says, in big letters, “HELPER.”

Next, there’s mom. She has a superhero trick too. She cleans and again cleans. She helps clean up people’s brain and helps them remember who they are. So, next we have her outfit. Of course, it’s VERY CLEAN. It says, “I’M CLEAN.”

Next, we have Dad. His super trick is keeping everyone together with love. His suit says, “TOGETHER FOREVER.”

Our weapon is love.”

This made me smile. And apparently she thinks her sister and I are cleaning machines. 🙂

Fun Events & Meal Plan – 5/1/16

It’s the time of year for Spring sports and end-of-the-school year activities! The girls started softball practice on Monday. They are on the same team this year which makes it nice! Soccer is still going strong, but their game was canceled Saturday because of heavy rain.

We also had our homeschool co-op’s presentation night on Thursday. The girls sang and then acted in a little skit with the Drama class. I have really teaching choir and drama. One of the little girls in my Drama class and her mom even brought me these flowers. How sweet is that?


I will be doing some more experimenting this week with Asian and Indian dishes in preparation for a class later this month.

Sunday – Veggie chili

Monday – Thai green curry with spring vegetables (use asparagus from my garden and add chickpeas)


Tuesday – Bean tacos

Wednesday – Egg roll in a bowl (use lentils or beans instead of pork)

Thursday – Nachos with veggie chili

Friday – Homemade pizzas

Saturday – Spaghetti squash egg casserole, veggies, fruit

How was your week last week? What’s your favorite Indian or Asian recipe?