Balance & Menu Planning – 3/12/17

I checked this book out from the libary before our vacation.


I am not finished with it yet, but it has been a very good read. I often recommend that my clients read “Made to Crave.” I think this might be another recommendation too. I feel like 75% or greater of my clients deal with emotional eating. Both of these books talk about receiving comfort from the Lord rather than for food. The Balance book reminds the reader of 3 things that food is not for:

  1. Food is not for drowning our sorrows. Isa. 53:4
  2. Food is not an outlet for anger. Psalm 37:8
  3. Food is not a cure for boredom. Psalm 51:12

The reason I picked it up because I am particulary bad at rest, which is covered in the book. I tend to push and push and push to the point of exhaustion. Do you do that?

On to the meal plan for this week:

Sunday: Bean tacos

Monday: Carmelized Onion spaghetti squash casserole, veggies, hummus, and roasted sweet potatoes

Tuesday: Hunky Heartbeet Cabbage Soup – new recipe! It’s Oh She Glows, so I’m sure it will be superb. 🙂

Wednesday: Homemade pizzas

Thursday: Glowing Green pasta primavera – not sure what I’m going to have with this yet. Another new recipe.

Friday: Something fun and green for St. Patricky’s Day – Undecided – Any suggestions?

Saturday: Veggie Chili

What’s on your menu this week?


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