Balance & Menu Planning – 3/12/17

I checked this book out from the libary before our vacation.


I am not finished with it yet, but it has been a very good read. I often recommend that my clients read “Made to Crave.” I think this might be another recommendation too. I feel like 75% or greater of my clients deal with emotional eating. Both of these books talk about receiving comfort from the Lord rather than for food. The Balance book reminds the reader of 3 things that food is not for:

  1. Food is not for drowning our sorrows. Isa. 53:4
  2. Food is not an outlet for anger. Psalm 37:8
  3. Food is not a cure for boredom. Psalm 51:12

The reason I picked it up because I am particulary bad at rest, which is covered in the book. I tend to push and push and push to the point of exhaustion. Do you do that?

On to the meal plan for this week:

Sunday: Bean tacos

Monday: Carmelized Onion spaghetti squash casserole, veggies, hummus, and roasted sweet potatoes

Tuesday: Hunky Heartbeet Cabbage Soup – new recipe! It’s Oh She Glows, so I’m sure it will be superb. 🙂

Wednesday: Homemade pizzas

Thursday: Glowing Green pasta primavera – not sure what I’m going to have with this yet. Another new recipe.

Friday: Something fun and green for St. Patricky’s Day – Undecided – Any suggestions?

Saturday: Veggie Chili

What’s on your menu this week?


Family Nourishment

Everyone’s family is different, but our family LOVES our time away together… just the 4 of us. It’s a time to reconnect, relax, play games, sing really loud in the car (oh wait – we do that already) and just have fun together.

“But don’t you homeschool? You are with your kids all the time?” While this is true, both girlies and Mama need some time together that doesn’t involve school too. 🙂

So, off to Gulf Shores, Alabama we went! We are normally mountain-type vacationers. However, we like to to try new things and I’m up for almost anywhere that is warm in the winter, so we tried the beach this time!

We went to a family friendly Mardi Gras parade. We came home with SOOOOO many beads, and moon pies! Ha! We counted 15. Half of us can’t even eat those, so the other 2 will be enjoying those for a while.




We went on a dolpin cruise. That was Hunky Husband’s favorite.



Footgolf was my favorite. It’s like golf, only with much bigger holes, soccer balls and your foot for a golf club! We all enjoyed it, but chose to do it because Little Lady loves soccer! I had a sore foot and lower leg after we were done. Ha! Oh the muscles that you don’t train with distance running.


Little Lady’s favorite part was our sand castle building contest. Miss Spunky’s favorite part was laser tag… of course.


Where’s your favorite place to vacation? Do you prefer the mountain or the beach?