Science and Math

Yes, I post mainly about nutrition, fitness, and overall health here, but most of my days are actually filled teaching my 2 girlies. I won’t lie… homeschooling is wonderful, but there are days when… ‘ahem’… it is not as wonderful. Just keepin’ it real because I think that is very important in our digital world. 🙂 I’m thankful for lots of prayer, an awesome husband, and some really great homeschooling Mama friends.

Science and math happen to be my 2 of my favorite subjects. We recently switched to Singapore for Math, and it was going really well… until we got to some of the harder fraction concepts. It just wasn’t clicking for Little Lady. I heard about Right Start Mathematics from a friend who uses it for her 5 year old. It is very hands on and includes math card games for us to play EVERY DAY. We got the fraction pack and it has been wonderful. I decided to just go ahead and teach Miss Spunky about fractions since we were going back to the basics of fractions. The best part is that Little Lady is now getting it AND is wanting to help her sister understand. In my opinion, teaching is the best way to solidify concepts in your brain, so I happily let her help out.



I was looking for a hands on science curriculum as well. I decided on Pandia Press Chemistry. It has plenty of experiments using easy to obtain supplies. They are loving it and learning. What more can you ask for?

This experiment used vinegar. 

I need to do more Art projects because that is one of my daughter’s favorite subjects, but not something I have a talent for. Any suggestions?


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