Saving and Sharing

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I enjoyed a few days of spending extra time with my favorites while visiting extended family.


My oldest requested to go Black Friday shopping. It wasn’t terribly crowded! I got some good deals and had fun with my girlies! We have always tried to teach the girls about budgeting and Friday was no exception. They have really big hearts, and want to buy gifts for EVERYONE, so it presents a teaching moment. One of the reasons that we should want to save money is so that we can SHARE with those in need. Today, I thought I would share some ways that you can save money in the kitchen and still eat healthy… so that you have more to share!

Eat at home. Did you know that some sources report that the average American eats out 4-5 times per week?? We all know that most restaurant meals are very large and high in sugar, fat, and sodium. It also gets expensive. Let’s say you spend $8 per meal/ $32 per week or $128 per month, and that is for 1 person… with a conservatively priced meal. The actual average per month for 1 person is $232.

Go meatless at least once a week.

Purchase seasonal produce.

Frozen veggies are OK! They have been flash frozen at their peak, so as long as you don’t cook them to death – you’re good!

Decrease processed food. Most processed “food” is full of chemicals that your body will have trouble processing.

Join a CSA.

Make your own seasoning mixes and salad dressings.

Stock up when there’s a good sale or coupon. However, just because it’s on sale or you have a coupon, does NOT mean that you have to buy it. Sure, if it’s something you were going to buy anyway or need to purchase in the future, go for it. If not, put it back… you can even leave the coupon sitting next to it for someone who might need it (if it’s a paper coupon).


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