Healthy Holidays – Social Tips

We are entering the holiday season! It is a joyous, thankful time, but it can also be stressful and busy. Good nutrition is key to feeling your best. Here are few tips to get you started in those social situations.

  1. Plan to indulge – At a party, pick 1-3 of your favorite indulgences – maybe your favorite dumplings or pecan pie. Indulge in 1-3 of those and fill up the rest of your plate with fresh fruits and veggies.
  2. Make it a holiDAY not a holiMONTH. You will likely be going to multiple holiday parties. I realize we live in America and food is everywhere, but treats are no longer treats when we eat them every day. Holiday food will appear everywhere from the break room to the grocery store. If it’s at the grocery store… let it stay at the grocery store. At work, bring in some fresh fruits and veggies to share or a healthier version of your favorite treat!  If you are asked to take leftovers, kindly say no thank you if you know you will be tempted to over indulge OR take food that you can put in the freezer for future use. You can also take leftovers to a widow or someone else in need. Better yet, invite them over if possible!
  3. Don’t beat yourself up over one over indulgence. You would actually have to eat an extra 3,500 calories to put on a pound. It’s common to weigh in 1-2 pounds the day after a big meal simply due to water retention. You can get back on track the next day!
  4. The holidays are about so much more than food. Make the event about the people, not the food! If you start feeling tempted to go back for a second piece of pie, engage someone in conversation instead!  blog5
  5. Make new holiday traditions that don’t involve food, such as  making wreaths, homemade ornaments, or other homemade gifts/crafts. You could also volunteer, play games, or go for a walk or drive to look at Christmas lights. We run a “Turkey Trot” every year on Thanksgiving morning. Our town doesn’t have  one of its own, so we just create one ourselves. When the kids were really little, we could just run around the house. I remember carrying Miss Spunky on my hip the first year. Hunky husband even “surprises” us with prizes every year.
    My sisters and I went to a Christmas symphony performance last year


What are your favorite holiday traditions?


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