Kicking Cravings November

Hello! We’re entering the busy holiday season. There will be food EVERYWHERE, in the break room, holiday  parties, restaurants tempting you with their pumpkin lattes & “only available now” pumpkin & chocolate/peppermint treats.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could walk past the break room OR drive past Starbucks OR walk past those tempting smells at the mall and feel empowered to say, “I don’t want that.” Or at the holiday parties, “I am in charge of my body. Cravings won’t get the best of me!”

That is exactly what I want to help you do for the month of November. In October, I worked with a great group of ladies to work on developing some healthy habits,  so that healthy eating would start becoming second nature as we enter the holiday season. I know some of them and many of you are nervous about what will become of your healthy habits with tempting foods lurking around every corner.

We will discover that holidays don’t have to be all about food. They’re supposed to be about spending time with the people we love and thanking God for how He has bountifully blessed us. Sure, food is a part of it, but how many “celebrations” do you attend each year? I know people that go to 3 or 4 Thanksgiving dinners on Thanksgiving to make sure they see everyone. That’s great that they try to make sure everyone feels special, but we will talk about ways to navigate those situations so you don’t feel defeated in January because you gave in to cravings. You can CHOOSE & PLAN to indulge once in a while without giving in to cravings or being gluttonous.

So,  I’m obviously really excited for this group! There are a couple of different ways to join. Again,  I make my groups very affordable because I want to help you! Let’s chat about what option might be best for you.



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