Madison Mini Weekend

My favorite man and I went to Madison, Wisconsin a few weeks ago to run the Madison half-marathon. I trained really hard for this race, but ended up having to REALLY rest beforehand (due to a leg injury) which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I actually ended up doing really well and FINALLY hitting my sub-2 hour time goal! 1:58 Woohoo!


The expo was fun because I actually WON something. That is quite unusual. The announcer, whom I happened to be standing very close to, asked for 2 volunteers who wanted to compete to win a $25 Fleet Feet gift certificate. I was game. So, myself and a man had to run to the other end of the expo and find our names on the big banner. Somehow I found mine RIGHT AWAY.

I was a little unsure about the weather. There were storms in the forecast! I don’t mind running in a light rain when it’s warm outside, but I don’t like getting pelted in the face. AND I really didn’t want to be stuck out there if it started to lightning. When we woke up Saturday morning, it was raining, but it looked like the severe weather was going to stay away! I texted my mother-in-law, who had my girls, to tell her… “Tell the girls – Mom is doing this in the rain. #Hardcore” My oldest replied, “Great perseverance Mom.” I just love her.

Then it stopped raining just before the race started. Yay! I felt really good the whole race. I just kept looking at the next person in front of me and thinking… “I’m going to pass them.” I tried not to look at my Garmin during the race. I didn’t want to be disappointed. So, when I crossed the finish line and looked at my watch, I put my hand in the air, almost cried (because that’s just me – I cry at EVERYTHING), and said “YES!”

After the race, I enjoyed a nice soak in the hotel hot tub. We did a little shopping in the afternoon, including this stop at the Mustard Museum (remember my obsession from one of the last posts?).  My husband is a trooper.


Then we had a celebratory dinner out including visiting an ice cream place that had delicious dairy-free “ice cream.” I had 2 humongous scoops and enjoyed EVERY.LAST.BITE.

Have you had any awesome race experiences? If you’re a runner, what’s your typical celebratory dinner after a big race?



4 thoughts on “Madison Mini Weekend

  1. Amanda! Amazing job!! I feel like I may have forgotten to congratulate you on this sooner… that was a whirlwind weekend for me, but I’m so thrilled for you! I hope you’re still riding the high weeks later. 🙂


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