Choosing Faith

I just returned from an awesome natural nutrition convention in Orlando. I will share some of the exciting things I learned in another post, but I think one of the most wonderful things I gained from it was confidence. I am always doubting myself… fearing what others think of me… fearing what will happen next… fearing someone won’t like what I have to say… fearing that I don’t know enough…  fear, fear, fear.

  1. I know the Bible says that perfect love casts out fear. I need to practice this on a daily basis.
  2. One of the speakers, Brooke Thomas, shared something that really resonated with me. I know I won’t do her justice by quoting it exactly right, but I will try. She said that Fear and Faith have 1 thing in common. They both involve believing in something that hasn’t happened yet. So, when you have a choice… choose faith.


So, when I say that I gained confidence, I don’t mean that I gained confidence in myself and what I can do. I gained confidence in the way that God made me. God did not create me to live a life of fear. I just have to follow Him and do the very best I can at helping others whether that be spiritually, in health & wellness, or being a friend and listener. Does this mean I will have to do things that make me uncomfortable sometimes? Yes! It’s how we grow & learn.

The other big reason I want feel convicted to Choose Faith is because I want my daughters to do the same. One of my daughters is very much like me. She worries often and has an anxious spirit. I REALLY want to teach her to live a life where she can choose Faith instead of fear. So, I am committing to praying about my fears… giving those over to God and Choosing Faith.

What about you? Are you with me?


One thought on “Choosing Faith

  1. OH my goodness yes!! I can so relate to this (and to the daughter who is like me!) Beautifully said, Amanda. You have so much to offer… choose faith! Faith that all you have been gifted with is meant to be out there in the world in a big way… a ripple effect of health and love and offering hope.


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