Menu planning

My oldest was at Bible camp 3.5 hours away all last week. She had a great time and I love that she can be encouraged even more to learn about God and His love for her. But, as you can imagine, we are SO happy to have her home! They were singing together in the backseat on the way home. I thought, “This is more like it.” 🙂


Miss Spunky missed big Sis terribly! She even dusted and vacuumed her room for her while she was gone. And Miss Spunky does NOT like to clean.

Almost there – Can’t wait to see her sister!

I tried to do some special things with her while big Sis was at camp. I asked her if she would rather go see “The Secret Life of Pets” or go bowling.

I was surprised by her choice.

We have a busy week planned, so we will go with slow cooker and easy peasy meals. That seems to be a recurring theme this summer. Plus I’m getting more out of the garden… yay!

Sunday – Nachos topped with black beans and fixins.

Monday – Baked potato bar with fixins and salad

Tuesday – Stuffed peppers

Wednesday – Walnut cauliflower zucchini boats – I’m going to try these in the crock-pot.

Thursday – Omelets and fresh fruit

Friday – Out

Saturday – Leftovers

Are your kids doing any summer camps? Is your summer going SUPER fast too?



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