4th of July weekend and meal planning

I’m just popping in to write up my meal plan for the week. It has turned cooler the past several days. My body doesn’t adjust well to the cooler temps.  I may be in the minority, but I LOVE the 90 degree temps!

We kicked our long weekend off by attending the BFG premier at a theater where they “rolled out the red carpet” and everything. The absolute best thing about this theater? NO PREVIEWS! That’s right… we didn’t have to sit through 20-30 minutes of previews. Loved it!


The plan is for the 4 of us to run a 5K in the morning. We’ll see if the rain stops! Then, we’re having our usual 4th of July get-together at our house tomorrow evening. We live in the country, but JUST outside of city limits, so we can actually see the fireworks from our front yard. It’s always fun to have a cookout, play outdoor games, and then encourage everyone to stay for fireworks!

Sunday – Veggie chili (It’s cool and rainy – soup is a must)

Monday – Cookout – I’m doing bean burgers, coleslaw, and kale chips

Tuesday – Walnut cauliflower zucchini boats – new recipe – these look amazing!

Wednesday – Vegetable frittata, salad, fruit

Thursday – Bean tacos

Friday – Baked potato bar, salad

Saturday – Just me and the hubs – stuffed portabellas, roasted potatoes, veggies

Do you love or hate previews at the movie theater? Are you having a fun 4th of July weekend?


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