Meal Planning 6-26-16

Or a form of meal planning…

I love summer! My sister is visiting, it’s WARM, break from school…

Cousins playing mini-golf!

Summer is very busy – in a good way, which means planning is even more important, but we don’t always have X on a certain night. As a general rule, I do not spend as much time in the kitchen during the summer, so meals need to be even more simple.  Also, some days are very hot, so we eat what sounds good instead of what’s on the plan. So, how do I plan for that?

I just keep a bunch of staples on hand so I can throw quick meals together. I So, this week – I have (or will make)…

Cut up a bunch of veggies, washed fruit for easy access, put nuts into single serving bags, made protein bites, bread, cashew sauce, homemade honey mustard, and muffins

Veggie chili for nachos

Bean burgers for sandwiches or to serve on top of greens


Crock pot refried beans for tacos or taco salads

Roast potatoes

Zucchini noodles with avocado sauce

Egg salad for sandwiches or to serve on top of greens

Need some menu-inspiration or a kick-start? I’m excited to be working with a few other health coaches for a 21-day challenge to clean up our diets! It will feature simple meals for the whole family. It starts on July 5, just after your holiday celebrations! Comment or find me on Facebook so we can set up a time to chat!


Do you stick to a firm meal plan in the summer or just stick to a few staples?



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