Getting Lost & Meal Planning – 6-5-16

Hello! Last week was filled with beginning of summer fun!

I had just listened to a Focus on the Family podcast about finding adventure in motherhood. Boy did we find some adventure! We met some friends who live in the neighboring state, half-way to do some hiking on Friday.

We got lost on the way there because of road closures due to construction. GPS was not helping because it kept telling me to go on the road that was closed! I tried to go around, but that did NOT work. So, I stopped in a teeny, tiny town and asked this sweet elderly couple that was outside how to get to the state park. He gave me directions using terms like North & South. Unfortunately, I’m a girl who needs – turn left, not north or south, but that’s OK! At least we were on the right track. Next my GPS told me to turn down this other road… I’m getting close! Oh wait… this road says it’s closed too. You have GOT to be kidding me. But, nevertheless, we found our way and arrived about 30 minutes late.

Identifying flowers

During our hike, the trail split – one way said rugged, and the other easy. One of my friends had her jogging stroller with her, so my girls and I went with her. The boys and the other Mama went on the rugged path. Well, it turns out the easy path wasn’t so easy and we had to carry the stroller through parts, up and down hills and over tree roots. The Mama on the rugged path was also the one with a good sense of direction, and she took the map. So, the “easy” path split into 3 different trails… no sign as to which way to go. I knew the other Mama was probably already done and waiting for us. We ended up calling her (thankfully we got reception) and she came to our rescue! So funny. What an adventure!

We ended up spending the rest of the time at the playground while the kids played, and we got to sit and chat. It was such a blessed, fun day. I have often thought that I wish all of my far-away friends could live near me so I could be with them often. Then, I realized… that is what heaven will be like!

If you read this far, you are a trooper. 🙂 On to the meal plan!

Sunday – Bean tacos

Monday – Nachos with veggie chili

Tuesday – Picnic dinner with the hubs – Bean burgers, veggies, hummus, fruit

Wednesday – Zucchini noodles, avocado cream sauce, Italian bean balls

Thursday – Cauliflower “egg” salad, veggies, hummus, roasted sweet potatoes

Friday – Leftovers

Saturday – Homemade, individual pizzas

Have you had any “adventures” lately?


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