Summer Treats!

I know it’s not TECHNICALLY summer, but most people think of Memorial Day weekend as the start of summer, right? When I think of summer, I think ICE CREAM and frozen desserts. So, here are some healthier versions of those cool treats!

It’s the perfect time to try Chia seed pudding.

Then of course, there’s banana “ice cream.” Have you tried this? If you haven’t, seriously, it’s SOOO good!

1 frozen ripe banana

1 scoop of your favorite nut butter

A few drops of pure vanilla extract

A little bit of your choice of milk to thin to your liking


What about just plain ol’ popsicles? Without dyes?


I’m running a Memorial Day special until May 31 if you would like to try a yummy Gatorade alternative!

We also love avocado popsicles. I make a version of these  We usually add some almond extract just because it’s extra yummy. No popsicle molds? Sometimes, I just use Dixie cups with a plastic spoon inserted in the middle. Then you just tear the Dixie cup off and eat. Perfect for when your kids have friends over!

What’s your favorite summer treat?



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