High Five Friday

So many things to High Five this week as I link up with Happy Fit Mama today!

  1. School’s out for summer! You’re singing the song now, aren’t you? I love homeschooling, but summer means Mama gets a break too. We had a fun last day!        blogpic29.jpg
  2. It’s warm outside! The flowers are blooming and I happen to run best in the heat. My husband and 9-year old do not run best in the heat, so they aren’t liking it as well, but I LOVE it. I could totally live in a warm climate.                                                                     20160523_125704.jpg
  3. We picked and enjoyed our first strawberries this week. One of the best parts about summer is going out in the morning to pull weeds and munching on nature’s candy straight from the garden!                                                                                                                      blogpic28
  4. Health coaching is very rewarding! I just had one client last night text me after her trip to the grocery store and fixing her meal, ” It’s really good too, and wasn’t hard!” Yay for successes!
  5. I am very thanful for the natural nutrition company that I work with. My team is so supportive! If you know me AT ALL, you know that I am NOT a salesperson, but if I think something can truly help you, I will definitely let you know. AND I will not recommend something without looking into it first. Anyways, one of my team members sent me this to share with others. I love that we can support each other in that way!


Are your kids done with school? What would you like to High Five this week?


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