Meal Plan 5-22-16

We had a jam-packed weekend… but a fun one! One thing was that I taught the Asian/Indian cooking class I have been experimenting for. I ended up making GF naan, egg roll in a bowl, and a Spring vegetable green curry recipe. I think the curry and naan were the favorites! I love experimenting with new recipes, and I think my family is actually willing to try more of this cuisine. Yay for new recipes! I have the best taste testers.


I taught a gluten and dairy free cooking class for a group of moms on Monday as well. I really enjoy teaching. I made a version of my cashew dip that was a big hit!

Sunday – Wedding shower

Monday – Baked falafel, salads

Tuesday – “Refried” Bean tacos

Wednesday – Big salads (garden greens!) with Tex Mex roasted veggies & nuts, baked sweet potato

Thursday – Sweet and Sour Chickpeas and Broccoli

Friday – Start experimenting with gluten & dairy free party appetizers for next class, serve with veggies/hummus

Saturday – Homemade individual pizzas

Do you like experimenting with new recipes?


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