Friday Favorites

Hello! It’s definitely Spring around here. We have had several rainy days, a couple of warmer days, and the wind chill in the morning is supposed to be 1 degree above freezing. Yep, it’s Spring in the Midwest!

But let’s talk about positive things! I’m linking up with Happy Fit Mama for High Five Friday.

  1. My oldest asked if we could run a 10K together this summer. So, we have started running together. We’re just running 3 times a week and taking it as easy as she wants to. I want running to be something she enjoys for a long time, so we don’t make it competitive. It’s just a time for us to be outside together and talk. It’s honestly one of my favorite parts of the day.
  2. The asparagus in my garden is especially yummy in this Thai green curry with spring vegetables¬†. I’m so glad that my family is enjoying my experimenting with a cuisine that isn’t their favorite.
  3. I’m lovin’ my green cleaning products. Seriously. They are saving me money. They work and they are safe enough that even my kiddos can help.

  4. I have been appreciating the community of homeschool moms I’m connected with more and more every day. It’s amazing how God seems to know just what you need.
  5. Frozen sliced bananas and nut butter. It is my favorite snack and I eat it almost daily. Yummmm.

Do you have anything to High Five this week? Have you been enjoying any Spring vegetables?




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