To warm your heart

And maybe make you chuckle…

My sweet 7 year old wrote this in her school journal today. These are the things I want to remember forever.

Describe someone who is a hero to you and why.

“My family. G (her sister) has a super hero trick. Her trick is to help people.  She helps me clean and even helps the bad guys to be good guys. Next, we have her outfit. My family’s outfit is their strong suit. So, of course, her outfit says, in big letters, “HELPER.”

Next, there’s mom. She has a superhero trick too. She cleans and again cleans. She helps clean up people’s brain and helps them remember who they are. So, next we have her outfit. Of course, it’s VERY CLEAN. It says, “I’M CLEAN.”

Next, we have Dad. His super trick is keeping everyone together with love. His suit says, “TOGETHER FOREVER.”

Our weapon is love.”

This made me smile. And apparently she thinks her sister and I are cleaning machines. 🙂


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