Meal Plan – 4-24-16

As I type the date for today, I realized that it has been 12 years since I ran my first full marathon. Already having a half-marathon under my belt, I took a marathon training class as an elective during Pharmacy School at Purdue. I didn’t know how to properly fuel during my run so it wasn’t the best! I can’t really say I have the desire to ever run a full-marathon again. I do love the 1/2 marathon distance and plan to stick with that for now!

We will have a super busy week, so the meal plan reflects that.

Sunday: Bean burgers, coleslaw, fresh veggies

Monday: Roasted Red Pepper Soup, fresh veggies/hummus

Tuesday: Bean tacos

Wednesday: Individual homemade pizzas

Thursday: Presentation night and pick up race packet – so dinner out or pack dinner?

Friday:  Salads with Southern skillet black eyed peas and roasted sweet potato

Saturday: Post-race – Whatever sounds good!

Do you run? What’s your favorite distance?


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