A fun week and meal plan 4-17-16

Last week we jumped right back into the swing of things after vacation! Usually we have a couple of rough days of school after returning from vacation, but not this time! Woohoo! Maybe because they are getting older?

One of our homeschool co-ops has just 2 more weeks left which means Presentation Night is just 2 weeks away. I co-teach a Choir class and a Drama class that will perform at Presentation night. My girls are in both classes. Presentation Night is always fun! Plus Grandma and Grandpa usually come. They’re pretty awesome!

Spring has arrived!

Playing basketball!
A little reading and writing

On the meal plan this week:

Sunday – Big salads topped with portabellas and hard boiled eggs & baked potatoes (keepin’ it simple – we have a piano recital between worship services)

Monday – Zucchini avocado pasta, bean burgers

Tuesday – Stuffed peppers, roasted sweet potoates

Wednesday – Nachos with leftover veggie chili

Thursday – Bean tacos

Friday – Dad’s in charge – Mom at a meeting

Saturday – Individual homemade pizzas

Has Spring arrived in your neck of the woods?


One thought on “A fun week and meal plan 4-17-16

  1. Simplicity is key as spring schedules get busier- I love your ideas! It’s so nice the transition home gets smoother as kids get older…we’re not quite there yet. 🙂


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