Are you confused?

Plant based? Paleo? AIP? Atkins? The peanut butter diet?

There are literally over 100 dietary theories out there. Some of them make sense. Others definitely do not. Did you know that nutrition is one of the only areas where you can have 2 completely opposing theories that can be correct? The key is to listen to YOUR body. What works for your best friend may not work for you. And you know what? That’s OK.

When choosing a “diet,” first let’s get rid of that word. You’re not going on a diet. It’s a LIFESTYLE.

Next, choose one that revolves around REAL FOOD. If you’re vegan, don’t rely on vegan junk food. If you’re gluten free, don’t rely on gluten free junk food. Make sure your eating revolves around lots of vegetables, quailty protein sources (plant or animal based), and fruit in moderation.

We will cover this and much more in our Health Essentials for Spring group coaching program.

Health Essentials (1)

During our weekly calls, we will present you with information that will allow you to make sustainable changes for a healthier you! You will also have access to 2 holistic health coaches for 8 weeks! (Myself and my friend Laura)  Tuesday night at 7:30 CST, we will be doing a phone conference/Facebook event explaining all of the features of this 8 week program. Contact me for the call in number or to be added to the Facebook event!



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