Did you know that eating in front of the TV or computer and eating on the go can lead to weight gain and/or digestion problems? I’m as guilty as anyone of trying to get work done while eating my breakfast & lunch, but supper is usually different.

Family meal time has always been important to me. When I was growing up, my parents tried hard to make sure we all had supper together. Or at least until we got into high school and evenings got crazy busy with activities and after school jobs.


When I got married, we did the same.  Meal time = no TV and no answering the phone when we were both home at the same time. We have continued this with our kiddos.

I find going to most restaurants to be very discouraging. There are TVs at every angle and if you look around, most people are staring at their devices. I recently heard of a restaurant that will reward their customers for putting their devices in a little cardboard box during their meal. What a GREAT idea!

Do you have any times of the day where you turn off or ignore your devices?


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