Essentials for Spring

Spring is on it’s way! Woohoo! I can’t wait!

For me Spring means:

Lots of work outside (Hands in the dirt! Yay!)

Kale, lettuce, strawberries, and asparagus from my garden

Spring races

Soccer & softball

Chasing the kids around outside

All of this requires energy!

If you are looking for more energy to keep up with your kiddos or grandkids this summer and you aren’t sure exactly how to make that happen… look no further! I love to teach and I’m teaming up with another health coach and friend for a Health Essentials group coaching program which kicks off on Thursday, March 17th!

Health Essentials (1)
We will have weekly calls covering how to balance a plate, what to look for on an ingredient label, what the best proteins/fats/carbs are to include in your diet, and more!  Every week’s call will include a live Q&A session!
Interested? Contact me for details!

What’s your favorite part of Spring?


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