High Five Friday – 3-4-16

I’m linking up with Happy Fit Mama again this week to share some highlights from our week.


Let HIM fill your needs. I really, really needed our lesson on Sunday. It was how we should be turning to God to fill all of our needs. While I have an amazing husband, children, sisters, family, and friends… I cannot depend on them to fill ALL of my needs. That is a huge amount of pressure on a person! However, God knows EXACTLY how to fill ALL of my needs. If you would like the audio file for this, I can get it to you!

Teaching. I was able to teach a Cravings class at a local gym on Monday. I LOVE to teach, and I feel like I really helped the ladies that attended.

Friends.  Have you ever dismissed someone as a close friend because maybe they were older or younger than you?  I have a friend that is about 50 years older than me. I talk to her nearly every morning before we start our school day. My kids love her to pieces, she’s always teaching me things (whether she realizes it or not), and she’s a great listening ear.

Running with my kids. This article reminds me of why I like running with the girls. We’re hoping to a family 5K in a couple of weeks!

Running. I felt a little out of sync there for a few weeks with my running for some reason, but not anymore! So glad to be feeling a little more like myself.


What would you like to High-Five this week?




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