High Five Friday – 2-5-16

Happy Friday! I’m linking up with Happy Fit Mama again this week for a High Five Friday!

  1. Pottery with friends! I live in a really small town and this little pottery place opened up before Christmas. I was so excited. You can go and paint pre-made pieces of pottery like other pottery places but you can also go and take a class (or do a field trip) to actually learn how to use the wheel! Each kid got 2.5 pounds of clay and made 3 pieces. Now, I want to go take a class too!20160203_141320.jpg
  2. It’s Go Red for Women’s Heart Health Day! Are you wearing red?  Heart health is really important to my family. My grandpa died of a heart attack, my dad and uncle have heart disease (started at a young age too!), and heart disease runs in Hunky Husband’s family too! 20160205_125558.jpg
  3. It just so happens that we’re talking about the Circulatory System in Science right now too. We made a model of blood today. 20160205_091313.jpg
  4. 10 Things Your Homeschool Friend Won’t Tell You But Wishes You Knew – Not all of these are true for me, but there are many that are! For example, I don’t feel physically tired, but at the end of the day, my brain needs a break!
  5. I’m lovin’ my Life Shakes! They are really good warm! blogpic27.jpg

How has your week been?


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