High Five Friday – 1-29-16

Hello! I’m linking up with Happy Fit Mama for another High Five Friday!


We are doing a “Secret Sisters” thing at our congregation this year. I got this in the mail yesterday. It’s so nice getting an uplifting note and a little card which was obviously picked just for me. One of my biggest struggles is worrying… about EVERYTHING. It’s really peaceful to know that someone is praying for me!


My oldest and I got journaling Bibles for Christmas/birthdays. It has really helped me to meditate on God’s word more. First I read… then I think about what I want to draw or journal. I am not artistic at all, but you don’t have to be! I just draw or write what will help me to remember the things I have read.

My oldest is so creative. She decided to make this dress out of felt for her sister’s doll. She came up with the idea and did it all by herself. She did not get the creative gene from me! I am a math/science girl! But I’m so glad she loves to be creative!


The weather has been amazing the past couple of days. It is supposed to be 50 on Saturday. I’m really hoping to be able to play outside!

I’m loving my Shaklee team! We’re offering a “Spring into Wellness” 60 day program beginning on 2/1 focusing on our pure supplements & protein and real food! I REALLY enjoy helping people learn to nourish their bodies better!


How has your week been?



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