Menu plan – 1-24-16

We aren’t on the East coast, but we did get a little bit of snow earlier in the week last week.

2 happy girls and doggies!

Miss Spunky is enjoying playing basketball. She even requested that Coach Daddy let her have extra playing time. (But he’s fair and lets all of the kids play equally, of course!)



I will be experimenting/creating some new gluten and dairy free pasta recipes and garlic bread recipes over the next couple of weeks in preparation for another class. It’s yummy work. 🙂 I have made the gluten and dairy free lasagna before, but I just threw it together. I’m terrible about measuring and actually writing down my recipes. So, I will try to recreate and actually write it down this time!

Sunday – Potato soup, veggies, cashew dip

Monday – Gluten and dairy free lasagna (zucchini “noodles” and nut based sauce) and I’m going to try this paleo garlic bread

Tuesday – “Refried” bean tacos

Wednesday – Homemade individual pizzas (cashew “cheese” for me!)

Thursday – Butternut squash mexican salads served with tortillas chips

Friday – Southwestern Bean Chowder, veggies

Do you like creating  new recipes?



One thought on “Menu plan – 1-24-16

  1. Delicious meals for the week! I love working with recipes, I’m not quite creative enough to come up with my own ideas, but sometimes I like to play around with different flavors!


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