High Five Friday – 1-15-16

It’s actually been kind of a rough week. The girls have been sick and Hunky Husband has been putting in some very long hours at work. Have I ever mentioned how thankful I am that he works hard to provide for our family?

But I have always been the kind of person who tries to see the positive in every situation, so I am linking up with Happy Fit Mama for another High Five Friday!


Even on a really windy, snowy day… God made a beautiful sunrise.

20160112_072659 (1)

I am leading the Fresh Fix this week. It’s so wonderful seeing a group of ladies supporting each other!  Workout ideas are included as part of the Fresh Fix and I have really been working on my strength routine. I’m hoping to be stronger and faster for my Spring half marathon!

The Fresh Fix 5 day kick off

I love being able to read their journal entries every day.


We’ve been fighting off sickness with our vitamins and Vitalized Immunity. We love our doctor but we try to stay out of her office if we can!



The girls love creating their own sewing creations. Sewing is not my forte, so I’m glad they are knowledgeable enough to do some on their own.


What would you like to high 5 this week?


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