Monday Motivation

I am an over planner. I also fight perfectionism. Hunky husband (he knows me soooo well) wrote this for me for my daughter’s first Christmas. It is framed and we set it out every Christmas. I hope it motivates you to remember the important things not just this time of year, but always.

christmas2014.4 031

1st Christmas with My Mama

I’m not dreaming of a Christmas white, Or reading ‘Twas the Night

I don’t worry if the stockings are hung with care, Or if the mantle is plain and bare

I don’t care about dolls, candy, or balls, Or even Rudolph, the most famous reindeer of all

Frosty or chestnuts on an open fire, None of these are my desire

You can fill my closet with toys and clothes, But I don’t need any of those

You can stuff me with candy, sugary and sweet, But time with you will never be beat.

You know I spell Love, T-I-M-E, So how about several hours just you and me

No cares, no worries, stress, or fuss, Just lots of fun for both of us

You can’t put it under a tree or wrap it with a bow, But loving you is all I know

I don’t need fancy paper that goes on for miles, Just your warm touch and a couple dozen smiles

A day with you is all I need, Cause holidays with Mama are the best indeed

We can hug and crawl too, My Christmas wish is a Mama just like you.


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