Menu Planning – 12-13-15

Hello! We’re feeling festive at our house!


This Saturday, we will have our first Christmas celebration at my Grandma’s house which also means I get to SEE MY SISTERS! My middle sister lives about 18 hours away from me. I can’t wait to see her.


Tomorrow also kicks off December’s Fresh Fix. We focus on cleaning up our menus but leaving a little wiggle room because being healthy is NOT about perfection!

Sunday – Roasted Red Pepper soup

Monday – Bean burgers with Raw broccoli salad and cashew sauce

Tuesday – Sweet potato chili

Wednesday – Individual homemade pizzas (I sub cashew sauce for cheese – YUM)

Thursday – Leftovers (I’m teaching an evening class)

Friday – Veggie omelets

Saturday – Family Christmas time! I’m taking spaghetti squash with my red cream sauce  and cookies

What’s on your menu? What kind of cookies should I take?


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