A Day in the Life of a Homeschooling Health Coach

Sometimes I get the feeling that people have incorrect views on what homeschooling is like. Some think I stand up in front of my daughters and impart wonderful knowledge to them from 8-3 everyday. Some think I sit around and eat bon bons. Then, of course, many wonder, “What on earth is a health coach?” “I thought you were a Pharmacist?”

So, I thought it would be fun to share what a typical day is like for me.

5:50 am – Alarm goes off. I put Hunky Husband’s lunch in a cooler. I’m off to the basement for quiet time with God and a workout. Then it’s time to shower, fix breakfast, start a load of laundry, maybe put something in the crock pot, and call my awesome older friend whom I talk to briefly every morning.

8:15-8:30 – We start our school day. We begin our day with Bible study together. Then, I balance my time between the 2 girls. While I go over a new concept with one, the other is doing independent work. We work like this until it is time for “Gym time” and snack. When they are both working, I will work on planning for the next week or grade some of their papers. Then, together we finish up by tackling Science and Social Studies.

We have been studying human anatomy – the skeletal system. So, we took some leftover cooked turkey bones from my Grandma’s at Thanksgiving for an experiment!
The best thing about experimenting with recipes is having 2 sweet little girls who want to lick the beaters!

12:30 – Our school day is usually finished and I start preparing lunch.

1:30 – I try to accomplish a chore or two. Yesterday, I dusted and wrapped a few Christmas gifts.

2:00-4:15 – Client sessions, preparing for teaching Health Coach workshops, writing newsletters, paperwork, etc…

4:30 – 6:30 – Various activities like piano lessons and basketball practice

6:30-8:30 – Supper & family time. I make Hunky Husband’s lunch for the next day.

9:00 – Kids are in bed. I finish up any work I didn’t get to in the afternoon, check e-mail, etc…

10:00ish – Bedtime for Mama.


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