I can’t even run a mile…

I am Amanda. I am a Christian, wife, homeschooling mom, and a Certified Health Coach with a doctorate in Pharmacy who happens to love to cook and run. I haven’t always loved to run. Hunky husband has been running since he was young. We have been together since I was 16. When we got to college, he said, “Want to go running with me?” I thought he was NUTS. I hated running. I couldn’t even run a mile. But, I was in love with this blonde haired, blue eyed, sweet young man, so I said sure. I even agreed to train for a 1/2 marathon. I remember running around the indoor track at the Purdue Rec Center. I think you had to go 13 laps to make 1 mile. THIRTEEN. On the days we ran outside, there was a large hill that I had to run. I thought I might die. Yep, but one thing you will find about me is that I don’t give up easily. The harder it is, the more determined I am to succeed.

So, we continued our training and I ran my first 1/2 marathon. I walked a lot. I had only ran 4 miles without stopping prior to the half. Now, I LOVE it. The half marathon is still my favorite distance. Running is my time in the morning to pray and it is often when I come up with my best ideas. When I first started, I just wanted to finish. I’ve gotten a little (or a lot) more competitive over the years. Never thought that would happen either.

Probably the best part of running these days is that the whole family is running now. Every Thanksgiving, we have our own little Family Turkey Trot before heading out for the day. Hunky husband even gets “prizes” for our girls.


My 8 year old has participated in eight 5Ks and my 6 year old has done 2. I have some of the best conversations with my girls while running. It’s precious time. We never pressure them. When we race together, we walk when they need to walk and try to keep up when they decide to sprint.


The other wonderful thing about running is it’s an activity they can hopefully do for life. They don’t need a team or equipment. They just need some good shoes.

Running… love it? Hate it?


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